Need your rental deposit now
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What is Bridge it?

Moving homes can be tough - finding the right place, the timing, the money... and you need all of those at the same time in order to make it happen!
At Bridge it, we believe that not having your deposit available right away shouldn't be the reason why you don't get your new home
We've streamlined the process by lending you your deposit quickly, easily and at a low rate. We'll even paid it directly into your landlord's bank account so you don't have to


We understand that having your entire deposit available at the right time can be challenging. This is why we offer a convenient way for you to get it at an affordable rate and pay it back within a year.


Apply for a short-term, unsecured loan for your deposit by simply inserting the amount and in how long you would like to pay it back. You'll get your rate in real-time and the money will be directly to your landlord's bank account in 48h guarantee*.

Low Rates

We work very hard to get the lowest rate posible for your rental loan deposit. We can do that because we are backed by a major UK bank

About Us

Bridge it has been developed by a bunch of us who are genuinely interested in helping renders. We underestand the frustration of missing out on that perfect flat just because - for whatever reason - you couldn't get your entire deposit on time.
Our smart technology allows us to keep on evolving Bridge it - we are dedicated to provide the best rates to anyone who needs a deposit loan, whether you have a credit history or not.
We are always looking to improve our offering and service so please feel free to leave us your feedback

Our Offering

We've made the loaning process as simple as possible with only two types of loan to chose from:

Moving to a different place also means that sometimes, your deposit might be tied in with your previous landlord for longer than what you like to

Our "Flash loans" service allows you to get a short term (2-3 months) loan starting from as low as £25/month.


Getting the deposit for your first flat requires some time and dedication. We understand that it can be quite hard and time consuming...also you just can't wait to get your own flat

Our "One Year loans" service allows you to get a short term (6-12 months) loan starting from as low as £10/month.

My deposit is:

Type Duration Tipical Rate* Monthly Payment Typical Saving **
ONE YEAR LOAN* 12 Mounths XX.X% £XX.X YY.Y%
Duration 12 Mounths
Tipical Rate* XX.X% XX.X%
Monthly Payment £XX.X £XX.X
Typical Saving ** YY.Y% YY.Y%
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